The Place

The Place: 

Howdy friends, 

As my imagination runs wild, I reckon the nativity was a messy and complicated event. 

It wasn’t as calm and silent as some religious songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ depict. 

Don’t forget, the place where this happened was a working cavern-stable in a small town – with a rapid bustling commotion – with everyone returning home for the nose count of the population. 

And apart from everything else, one would have met numerous animals. 

Noisy, filthy, stinking animals. 

Some were blowing raspberries, others expelling sprouts! 

Even the domestic poultry were flapping around. 

And the resident goat was doing what only goats do. 

Still, resounding in the interval of the donkey noise could be heard the cries of “a baby. 


Born amongst the funky animals. 

Wrapped in grubby rags. 

There was no midwifery unit provided by the national health service! 

No disinfection here! 

No medical aid either! 

And if this wasn’t enough for the new parents to put up with, suddenly a group of inquisitive shepherd lads were awaiting around anxiously, their clothes smelling of sheep. 

Oh boy!! 

Such curiosity. 

Surrounded by strangers, soon to be friends. 

In short, in the middle of their imperfections, they saw perfection. 

Yep, in the middle of our mess and complications, we see that hope is alive. 

God brings new possibilities. 

To think, Immanuel became the least for us. 

Our largest mess, the most astronomical mess, our disconnection from God, was sorted. 

Remember, Jesus came for anyone and everyone. 

So, look from this perspective, dear mates and friends. 

Know that the Saviour can fix your mess and mend your broken hearts. 

Now, come, find rest in the place where you belong. 

Come home for Christmas. 

Say yes! 

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