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For us, the primary means of jumping on the information superhighway – is to reach our generation for Christ. 

Thus, as we help to make your journey smooth and straight – we trust you will be touched by the rhythms of God’s grace, love, and power in our lives, and, consequently, you will experience His presence in your own. 

May God bless you and cause you to be encouraged by our experiences. 

Meanwhile, thank you for visiting Newday-Prince. 

We would really love to have you visit us again. 

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David & Rachel Prince.

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Communicating The Message Of Hope – Broadening Our Sphere Of Influence: 

We tell our story to create readiness, to nudge others toward receptive insight. 

Ministering life.

12 Years On-line: 

These web pages bring the E-word Communicator and the Fields Of Life story, plus much more to you right where you are.

About The E-word Communicator.

Endorsement by Ollie Hall.

Fields Of Life is a story of God’s faithfulness through struggles with multiple health issues, living with blindness, being a recipient of a kidney and pancreas transplant, coping with events – having extremely unfortunate consequences, and walking a journey of faith.

Fields Of Life.

Latest Messages from The E-word Communicator:

We need to understand how the younger generation works and what makes them tick. 

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Inspiring Creativity.

I’m letting my weakness weigh up to something good. 

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When I Am Weak.

I have known God’s back up so many, many times, too numerous to count. 

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Once Upon A Time.

God knows my every need. 

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Freedom Grows.

The fact that God is with us every step of the way is a testament to His limitless love. 

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It’s simply amazing to think that God steps in by using ordinary people like me. 

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Against The Odds.

In the depth of my struggles I hold on to what I know is true of who God is. 

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Forever Faithful One.

My change of heart comes as a response to Father’s love, not a condition for it. 

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Work In Progress.

Let’s be sure to live out God’s Message and do life big. 

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Search-engine Of Heaven.

Everything should be sound, whole and healthy. 

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Say Only What Helps.

It is so easy to group individuals together and form an opinion about them without knowing them. 

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Look Beyond The Stereotypes.

God provides us with a life-time of surprises. 

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Loved Us First.

Let confidence and hope coincide with every experience that gives shape to how things appear to you. 

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Up To You.

I have decided to never let my deterioration determine my destiny!

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Best Days Ahead.

Somersaulting with goodness. 

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Reams Of Grace.

Together, let’s reach for the summit. 

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Personal Grand Slam.

New Day: New Song: New Task: New Hope: 

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