New Here


New Here: 

Our hearts desire is to reach people right where they are. 

Whether you’re a whiz-kid at surfing the net, only a rookie, or at someplace in between, we hope you enjoy your visit here. 

For those who are blind or partially sighted, here’s a description of the layout of each page:

In the main header, as the sunlight catches the orange butterfly fluttering over the blades of green & yellow grass – it’s like a new day has dawned with faith and hope.

In fact, it’s a glorious summer all year round with this impressively designed web page. 

In the main body of each page, we have a colour scheme that gives a visual representation of the new day theme. 

Using two shades of grey, a clear white and a warm bright orange, we’re attempting to create a breath of fresh air. 

Sure-enough, we truly do hope as you visit our pages, you will find them easy to navigate – with the information you expect to find right at your fingertips. 

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