Making Sense Of Christmas

Making Sense Of Christmas: 

The Christmas lights went out! 

It was the Christmas of 1987, and due to the complications of diabetes, I suffered retinal detachment in both eyes. 

In fact, the day before we celebrated the birth of Christ, I was sent home to face my first Christmas in the dark. 

Yet, although I lost my eye sight, I had the rest of my sensory system to fall back on.

As I think back through the years, some of the best things about Christmas time for me are the gorgeous fragrances: 

The warm cinnamon scented Christmas candle, with vanilla-infused pinecones and the fresh scent of a real tree…. 

Ginger, nutmeg, cloves, sage and rosemary. 

Freshly baked shortbread, brandy snaps, along with icing covered fruit cake and spiced plum pudding. 

Sweet tangerine oranges, dry tender figs, delightful gooey dates and toothsome almond nuts. 

Chocolate coated peppermints, you know, the ones that melt in your mouth. 


Admittedly, for a while, some of these yummy treats were not part of my prescribed selection of foods. 

Still, no one could deny how every scents and flavour created something special. 

Not forgetting the smell and taste of the rose and lemon Turkish Delight. 

Pure indulgence! 

For-sure, it is a season beyond comparison in sensory scrumptiousness. 

A crowded house filled with aroma. 


And that’s not all! 

For some additional qualities relating to Christmas time include the diverseness of texture: 

The angular and rounded or curved edges cut from a multi-layered card-board greeting, with a pattern of raised shapes, embossed graphics, or a concavity to form the border of a surface. 

But even a smooth “non tactile” card is just as important!! 

And the “occasional” sprinkle of glitter. 

The decorative pointed star, the prickly holly, the twisted tinsel, the soft silky ribbon, the flimsy paper tag. 

So many sensory blessings! 



The tearing open, with the rustle and scrunch of wrapping paper. 

The pull of the Christmas cracker. 

The incessant Christmas jingle. 

Each note emphasized by the heartily brass band. 

The joyful activity of family and friends. 

All attentive to every word of a children’s carol. 

Everybody, gathered together to share in the Message: 

Simply envision the illumination from heaven. 

Light of the world, stepped down into darkness. 

My darkness. 

Your darkness. 


“With us.” 

 He is God! 

Bringing sense to our insensibility. 

What an awareness! 

What an insight! 

So much blessing! 

Nourishing light that gives life. 

Effective to “all” who believe. 

Jesus, our Saviour. 

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